815 W Dresden st.
Kalkaska, Mi 49646
231 258 9391

Dan Willis

I would like to personally extend a warm welcome to you on behalf of Calvary Baptist Church in Kalkaska, Michigan.   My name is Daniel Boone Willis and my wife Holly and I have five children.  I am forty-seven years old and have been pastoring since the year 2001, holding pastorates in Lake City, the country of Haiti and now here. The one thing that stands out as I think back on my life is God’s faithfulness to me, a sinner.  His grace, mercy, love and kindness have sustained me through many trials and I am daily a debtor to Him.  My prayer for you is that you will know and love the Savior and that you would bring glory to Him with your life.  As a church, we would love to be of help to you as you seek to know the one true God.

Pastor Dan