Growth Groups #4

Growth Groups at Calvary Baptist Church in Kalkaska

Welcome to Growth Groups, a vital part of our community here at CBC. Growth Groups are small gatherings that meet regularly to explore faith, engage in meaningful discussions, and foster authentic relationships. Designed to help you grow spiritually, these groups provide a supportive environment to connect with others and deepen your relationship with God.

“But grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. To him be glory both now and forever! Amen.”
2 Peter 3:18

Become a Facilitator or Host

Are you passionate about fostering community and spiritual growth? Do you have a heart for welcoming others into your space to share life and faith together? If so, we invite you to consider becoming a facilitator or host for our upcoming Winter Semester Growth Groups.


Guide the group through engaging discussions, ensuring that everyone feels heard and valued. As a facilitator, you’ll play a crucial role in steering enriching conversations and nurturing the spiritual journey of your group members.


Provide a welcoming environment where these meaningful interactions take place. Your hospitality sets the stage for fellowship and connection, making everyone feel at home as they explore faith together.

Whether you’re drawn to facilitating discussions or opening your home for fellowship, your contribution will be pivotal in creating a vibrant community within our church.

Explore Our Study Selections

Dive into a season of spiritual growth with our curated collection of study options. Each study is carefully chosen to deepen your faith, broaden your understanding, and bring the transformative power of the gospel into every aspect of your life. Whether you’re seeking personal renewal, connection within the body, or practical guidance, our diverse range of topics offers something for every journey. Explore the summaries below to find the study that resonates with you and join us as we collectively pursue a richer, more grace-filled walk with Christ.

Philippians: Finding Joy When Life Is Hard

Dive into the heart of Philippians with this study that uncovers the source of true joy. In the midst of life’s challenges, discover how Jesus empowers us to rejoice by grounding our identity in Him. This guide offers nine transformative lessons, revealing the gospel’s power to bring steadfast joy and confidence as citizens of heaven, no matter our earthly circumstances. Ideal for small groups, each lesson includes discussion points, articles, and practical applications to deepen your faith journey.

2 Peter: Living with the End in Mind

Embrace a heavenly perspective with Jonathan Gibson’s study of 2 Peter, designed to shape our daily lives with eternal significance. This study teaches us that as we await the renewal of the world, we are called to live selflessly, following Jesus with courage and hope. Each of the eight lessons draws us closer to a life that mirrors Christ’s — one that looks beyond the temporary, with heaven in clear view. Complete with leader’s notes and practical applications, it’s a powerful resource for personal growth or group discussion.

1 John: Relying on the Love of God

Discover your identity through God’s unwavering love with Scotty Smith’s journey through 1 John. This study focuses on the love that defines and sustains us, empowering us to face life’s challenges with joy and faithfulness. Learn how to live as children of light in a dark world, where loving Jesus means loving others, and rest in the truth that God loves us as dearly as He loves His Son, committing Himself to shape us into Christ’s likeness. This guide offers eight profound lessons, complete with discussion questions, articles, and actionable steps for individual or group study.

Titus: Life-Changing Truth in a World of Lies

In “Titus: Life-Changing Truth in a World of Lies,” Jeff Dodge guides us through the potent message of Paul’s letter to Titus, revealing God’s vision for His church. This study challenges the moralistic norms with a radical call to gospel-centered living. Dodge invites readers to explore how the gospel’s transformative power can right our upside-down world. Each of the seven lessons encourages us to embrace the truth of Scripture, casting off cultural deceptions for the freedom found in Christ. Ideal for any setting, from personal discipleship to group discussions, this guide is a tool for discovering the disruptive and liberating truths of the gospel.

Ruth: Redemption for the Broken

Jared Wilson offers an eight-week journey through the book of Ruth in “Ruth: Redemption for the Broken,” showcasing it as a timeless illustration of Christ’s love for His church. The study reveals Jesus as the ultimate embodiment of every figure in Ruth’s narrative, highlighting His enduring love amidst our life’s brokenness. This guide, suitable for individual or group study, simplifies leadership with an integrated guide. Dive into the romance and drama of Ruth to discover a love story that unfolds into a profound gospel truth: no one is beyond the reach of God’s redemptive love—a love that revises even the most broken of stories.

The Mission-Centered Life: Serving in a Broken World

Discover missional living with Bethany Ferguson’s insights from 15 years in the field. This study encourages service rooted in humility and grace, questioning traditional metrics of missionary success. It’s a call to learn from those we serve, emphasizing our shared humanity. Dive into Jesus’s mission to the marginalized and find your role in God’s work amidst the world’s brokenness. Suitable for individuals and groups seeking actionable steps and a deeper connection to global missions.

When I Am Afraid: Overcoming Anxiety and Fear

You know how anxiety and fear feels—your stomach drops, your neck tightens, your whole body tenses—but do you know what to do when anxiety fills your days and troubles your nights? You’ve probably already tried a few strategies, like denial or working harder, and noticed that they aren’t a permanent solution. If you are tired of dealing with anxiety and worry on your own, then this guide is just for you. As you go through each set of meditations, anxiety will gradually yield to hope, peace, and rest. Of course, this is a lifelong process, but working through this resource will kick-start the process and bring lifelong change.

Ruth: Redemption for the Broken

Discover true freedom with “Grace-Based Recovery,” a supportive study for those facing addiction and for their loved ones. This nine-lesson resource contrasts performance-based recovery with a liberating grace-based approach. It creates a safe space for learning and healing, focusing on grace principles and their power to transform. Author Jonathan Daugherty, with extensive recovery and counseling experience, shares insights for a shame-free journey of growth and change. Embrace a life of self-worth and confidence through the transformative power of grace, moving beyond addiction’s hold.

Rid of My Disgrace: Healing and Hope

“Rid of My Disgrace” offers a poignant guide for healing within the faith community for those affected by sexual assault. This discussion guide, building on Justin and Lindsey Holcomb’s influential work, is a beacon for victims seeking restoration through God’s grace. Addressing the physical, psychological, and spiritual turmoil of assault, it aids churches in becoming sanctuaries for open dialogue and recovery. This guide is a step towards healing, offering hope and help to survivors and engaging communities in their vital support roles.

When I Am Afraid: Overcoming Anxiety and Fear

“Sacred Marriage” delves into the divine intention behind matrimony, suggesting marriage is more than companionship; it’s a transformative journey bringing you closer to God. This participant’s guide, complementing the DVD series, offers insightful ice-breakers, Bible studies, and prayer guides. It explores themes like marriage’s refining power, the role of a God-centered partner, sacred sexuality, and love as a spiritual discipline. Ideal for small groups, this guide supports the belief that the sacred union of marriage can be a conduit for spiritual growth and deeper faith.

Give Them Grace – Video Study

“Give Them Grace” transforms parenting by shifting the focus from rules to the transformative power of grace. Elyse Fitzpatrick and Jessica Thompson reveal that true goodness flows from a heart changed by God’s grace, not merely through adherence to rules. This study guides parents to impart the captivating grace of Jesus to their children, fostering genuine transformation. Ideal for growth groups, this video study encapsulates the message of their book that can be broken up into eight 30-minute sessions to allow time for group discussion, and offers a refreshing take on raising children in the light of the gospel.

Important Dates

Sign-Ups Begin: December 3rd.
Last Sunday to Join: December 31st, 2023. (Note that some groups will hold their first meetings on this date, so plan accordingly.)

First Week of Groups

The week of January 7th marks the beginning of the Growth Groups for this semester.

Last Full Week of Groups:

February 25th – February 3rd, concluding an eight-week experience.

Interested in Joining the Team?

If you’re feeling the call to lead or host, or simply want to learn more, please fill out the interest form linked below. We’ll provide you with all the necessary training and resources to ensure you’re equipped and confident in your role.