Growth Groups

Colorful promotional graphic for Calvary Baptist Church's Spring Growth Groups with a call to join, starting April 7th through the first week of June.

Growth Groups at Calvary Baptist Church in Kalkaska

Welcome to Growth Groups, a vital part of our community here at CBC. Growth Groups are small gatherings that meet regularly to explore faith, engage in meaningful discussions, and foster authentic relationships. Designed to help you grow spiritually, these groups provide a supportive environment to connect with others and deepen your relationship with God.

“But grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. To him be glory both now and forever! Amen.”
2 Peter 3:18

Explore Our Study Selections

Dive into a season of spiritual growth with our curated collection of study options. Each study is carefully chosen to deepen your faith, broaden your understanding, and bring the transformative power of the gospel into every aspect of your life. Whether you’re seeking personal renewal, connection within the body, or practical guidance, our diverse range of topics offers something for every journey. Explore the summaries below to find the study that resonates with you and join us as we collectively pursue a richer, more grace-filled walk with Christ.

Titus: Life-Changing Truth in a World of Lies

In “Titus: Life-Changing Truth in a World of Lies,” Jeff Dodge guides us through the potent message of Paul’s letter to Titus, revealing God’s vision for His church. This study challenges the moralistic norms with a radical call to gospel-centered living. Dodge invites readers to explore how the gospel’s transformative power can right our upside-down world. Each of the seven lessons encourages us to embrace the truth of Scripture, casting off cultural deceptions for the freedom found in Christ. Ideal for any setting, from personal discipleship to group discussions, this guide is a tool for discovering the disruptive and liberating truths of the gospel.

2 Peter: Living with the End in Mind

Embrace a heavenly perspective with Jonathan Gibson’s study of 2 Peter, designed to shape our daily lives with eternal significance. This study teaches us that as we await the renewal of the world, we are called to live selflessly, following Jesus with courage and hope. Each of the eight lessons draws us closer to a life that mirrors Christ’s — one that looks beyond the temporary, with heaven in clear view. Complete with leader’s notes and practical applications, it’s a powerful resource for personal growth or group discussion.

Gospel Identity

“Gospel Identity” unveils the transformative power of the gospel on our identities in Christ. It guides you through discovering your deep need for Jesus, the joy of your new identity, and how this redefined self moves us to love others actively. Rooted in Scripture with practical questions and leader insights, it bridges our understanding of theological truths with everyday actions. This study not only enriches your grasp of identity in Christ but also empowers living out this reality in grace-filled ways. Join us to explore the meaningful impact of your gospel identity in life and relationships.

Financial Peace University

It’s common to feel overwhelmed by finances, but this is your chance to break free. Through Dave Ramsay’s Financial Peace University, you’ll learn effective strategies to tackle debt, boost savings, and secure your financial future. The study materials range from $80-$100, with both hard and digital copies available. Order yours at ONLINE and ask about scholarships if needed. Don’t let money control you—take the reins and discover financial freedom today! Join us and start your journey to financial peace.

Young Men’s Group

This is a bible study for young men (18-30) who wish to understand why God made them, their duty to Christ and the church, and to learn practical skills in fulfilling their calling. We will look at our society and what our response should be. We will spend most of our time in scripture but look at other documents to evaluate them against scripture. During Bible study, everyone is encouraged to share their thoughts on what they read. We will use the book of Proverbs as our primary text with some passages from Psalms. What does the Bible say about being a man in our world? There will be at-home reading.

Important Dates

Sign-Ups Begin: March 24th.
Last Sunday to Join: April 7th, 2024. (Note that some groups will hold their first meetings on this date, so plan accordingly.)

First Week of Groups

The week of April 7th marks the beginning of the Growth Groups for this semester.

Last Full Week of Groups:

May 26-June 1, concluding an eight-week experience. (Some groups may continue on for an additional week or two depending on length of study)