Kids Club

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Join Us Every Wednesday at 6:30 PM!

What is Wednesday Night Kids Club?

Every Wednesday evening, we dive into a wonderful world of biblical teachings through “The Gospel Project for Kids.” This isn’t just any regular Bible story time – it’s a journey through God’s grand narrative, showcasing the remarkable story of redemption through Jesus Christ.

Why Should Your Child Join?

  1. Chronological Learning: Unlike other curriculums, we follow a chronological timeline of Bible events. This helps kids understand the progression of events and see the bigger picture of God’s plan.
  2. Christ-Centered Lessons: Every story, every character, every event we study always points back to the gospel of Jesus Christ. Your child will continually see Jesus as the centerpiece of God’s story.
  3. Discovery and Understanding: Kids will embark on a journey from the creation, understanding the goodness of all God made, and the unfortunate entrance of sin into the world. But, they’ll also learn of God’s magnificent plan to set things right, starting with His covenant with Abraham.

A Glimpse into our Curriculum:

  • Creation: The universe in its vastness, the mountains, the rivers, the stars, and us – everything was created for God’s glory and our benefit. Our children will learn the magnificence of God’s work and how we are a significant part of that.
  • The Fall in Eden: As we delve into the story of Adam and Eve, children will understand the origins of sin, and how it affected not just them but all of humanity and creation.
  • God’s Promise to Abraham: Despite the bleakness that sin brought, there’s hope. God’s covenant with Abraham signifies His unwavering plan and control to rescue His beloved creation from the chains of sin.
Illustrative representation of "Creation to Chaos" from "The Gospel Project for Kids" curriculum.

Come and Experience the Journey

Our Wednesday Night Kids Club is more than just stories. It’s about understanding our identity in Christ, realizing God’s immense love for us, and recognizing how each of us fits into God’s grand plan.

Join us every Wednesday at 6:30 PM and be a part of this incredible adventure!