Sermon Supplements Blog

Sermon Supplements Blog Series

We are excited to introduce our newest blog series, “Sermon Supplements” to help our community dive deeper into the messages we hear during our weekly worship services. This series will provide additional resources and insights to help us better understand and apply God’s word to our daily lives.

Starting this Sunday, our new blog series will be added to our website and will drop at 11:45am, right after the service ends. We hope that this will be a valuable resource for our community to continue growing in faith and understanding.

Each blog post in the series will include several features to help you engage with the sermon in a meaningful way. Here are some of the highlights:

Sermon and Sandwiches
We know that discussing the sermon with others can help you internalize and remember the key points. That’s why we’ve created this section to provide you with conversation starters that you can use during your after-church lunch. Get ready to dive deep into the message and discuss it with your family and friends!

The Daily Devotion
To help you continue growing in your faith throughout the week, we will include a section called “The Daily Devotion,” which will help you study and apply the key points from the sermon. We will provide related resources and suggestions for further study to help you deepen your understanding of God’s word.

Kid’s Connection
We understand the importance of teaching children the essential truths of the gospel in a way that is engaging and relevant to them. That’s why we’ll provide a section called “Kids’ Connection,” which will serve as a discussion guide for parents to help explain these truths to their kids and prompt discussion. We will include age-appropriate questions and activities to help your whole family grow in faith together.

In addition to these features, we’ll be adding daily encouragement based on the sermon and related resources to our church’s Facebook page. If you’re not yet following us on Facebook, we encourage you to do that! Simply click here, and click the “Like” button. This will provide you with daily inspiration and help you stay connected with our community.

We pray this will be a valuable resource for our community to continue growing in faith and understanding, and we look forward to sharing this journey with you! Be sure to check our website every Sunday at 11:45am for the latest blog post in the series.