Growth Group Leader

Lead, Leader, Leadership


Growth Group Leaders are responsible for providing their groups with first-level pastoral care, relevant content, and support. Leaders are successful when they are personally growing in their intimacy with God, in community other Christians, influence with non-believers, and are leading in ways that encourage the group members to grow in these three relationships as well. Group leaders are supported by the Groups Coordinator, the Executive Pastor, and the Administrative Assistant.

Under the direction of the Small Groups Coordinator, Growth Group Leaders make many decisions including the areas of group activities, learning methods, study topics, and role assignments. Each decision needs to take the purpose into account.

Core Responsibilities

  • Pastor the group by being (and encouraging group members to be) primary caregivers to one another via prayer, spiritual, and practical support.
  • Foster spiritual growth by encouraging each member to take one step forward in his/her faith walk each semester.
  • Lead the group by facilitating group meetings, monitoring group health and duration, and encouraging participation among group members.
  • Obtain the pre-approval of group materials by the Pastor or Groups Coordinator.
  • Commit to engage in leadership development opportunities provided by the church.
  • Identify and develop a qualified apprentice and embrace apprentice leader development as a measure of success.
  • Delegate roles/responsibilities as necessary including group meal coordinator, home hosts, etc.

Membership Required: Yes
Commitment: Weekly for a minimum of 1 Semester
Age Requirement: 18+