KidZone - Calvary Baptist Church of Kalkaska
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KidZone is a Sunday morning discipleship ministry for kids from 4 years old to 7th grade. We are focused on raising up kids who engaged in whole-life discipleship and the life of the church. Each week features Word, worship, prayer, giving, and service ops.

As a KidZone Coach, you’ll serve in one or more roles including Game Coach, Snack Host, Breakout Leader (teaching a smaller group kids), or Object Lesson Teacher. KidZone Coaches should also expect to be on stage during the worship time.

Core Responsibilities
Under the direction of the KidZone Coordinator, KidZone Coaches must be on time for assigned Sunday services, find replacements in the case of schedule conflicts, come prepared to gatherings and ensure the safety & supervision of all children in their care.

Membership Required: Yes
Commitment: Year-Round, or as a fill-in

Age Requirement: 8th Grade or higher