Outreach Team

Adults, Hospitality, Meals, Serve, Special Events


The Outreach Team seeks opportunities to engage with those outside the church through acts of service and friendship, and inviting them into relationship with Jesus.

The Gospel is at the core of our evangelistic Mission. As we reach out, we extend the Good News about Jesus. As we share a conversation, we tell of the marvelous works He has done. As we feed the hungry, shelter the homeless, care for the widows, and serve the disabled, we share of Jesus’ perfect sacrifice for us. Meeting the “felt” needs of those in our community can often open the door for us to meet their greatest need by introducing them to the One with the power to save souls!

Our Vision is to develop a body of believers who are trained and equipped in the sharing of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Core Responsibilities
Team members may engage in a variety of creative activities, service projects, and events. We are actively seeking an Outreach Coordinator, who is able to identify needs in our community, and able to rally support among a team of those passionate for being the hands & feet of Jesus to our neighbors.

Membership Required: No
Commitment: Varies
Age Requirement: 13+